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Chrysalis – Centre for Holistic Development of Children with Autism

Chrysalis is a special school whose aim is “To nurture the child with autism so that he/she attains his/her true potential and leads an independent and meaningful life”. The school was founded in June 2007 by the Roshnipriya Trust.
Mirra has worked with Chrysalis since its inception in the setting up of systems -right from Assessment of the children, drawing up goals to framing curriculums, regular training of teachers and parents.Training of teachers included processes of teaching and learning - including understanding special needs, formulating goals, classroom strategies etc.

Chettinad SriHari Vikasam

Chettinad Srihari Vikasam caters to children from 4yrs – 19 years with a wide range of disabilities like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, language and speech deficits and autism spectrum disorders. The school focuses on providing a multi-dimensional programme which will lead to the holistic development of the child.

Mirra has been associated with Sri Hari Vikasam since Dec 2015. Mirra was involved in doing a complete assessment of all the children aimed at understanding their Current Performance Level (CPL), arriving at planned goals and individual goals. Services have been stabilised across all departments including speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical training.

Mirra has been instrumental in setting up the complete sensory playground and a sensory path to help children meet their vestibular and proprioceptive needs.

There is ongoing work with the teachers on capacity building and promoting functional and experiential learning. Mirra has also worked closely with the administration and management for setting up systems to address assessments, recording progress, reaching out to parents on an ongoing basis and networking with other organizations. Several workshops for teachers, parents (both in house parents and those in the community) have been conducted.


Swabodhini is a school that reaches out to children and young adults with special needs, predominantly children with ASD. The school is about 28 years old. It offer special education, OT, PT, behaviour therapy, speech and vocational training for their students. The groups are typically classified into primary, pre-vocational and vocational streams.

Mirra presently supports Swabodhini in establishing systems - assessing the students, curriculum design and execution for primary and pre-vocational students and capacity building of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy, Coimbatore

Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy (KPA) run by Kaumaram Prashanthi Trust, (formerly Sri Prashanthi Academy) is a school for children with different abilities (intellecutal disabilities). The facility is based at Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, India.At KPA, the vision is to facilitate every child to develop on his/her own to the full potential and to add a new dimension that enables the child to manage everyday life independently to blend with mainstream society.
Since the inception of Mirra in 2010, Mirra has been working closely with Kowmaram Prashanthi Academy. The first year of support was on equipping the teachers with the processes of teaching and learning including understanding special needs, formulating goals, classroom strategies etc. This was done over a year with workshops once a month for two days each. In addition, Mirra was involved in observing the classes, formulating the curriculum for each stream and helping the teachers implement it. Series of workshops was conducted to Occupational Therapists to understand perceptual development, sensory integration processes and formulate strategies based on the same.

Similar support has been provided to special schools in Trissur, Kuwait and Palakkad