Smile that says it all

Smiles That Say It All 

2nd March, 2018, marked the first year anniversary of AEMP. As a tribute to the day and a surprise to others, each child had prepared a poster using the tools AEMP has offered them and these posters were the decorations for the day.
In memory of the day, everybody part of the AEMP journey were seated and captured together. The children then presented a floor walk of each module of the course, adding their twist to it by describing their favourite part of the modules. As an ode to their work, a video consolidating all this efforts was played.
The best part of the day, was when the children called everyone for a cake-cutting. You could see them leading the celebration like parents would for their child. Calling people, making sure they were comfortable, distributing food, singing proudly and sharing fond looks with their group… like they knew a secret as a family, that they wouldn’t let us in on yet.
The day ended with games and fun that was entwined with learning. Each child left the room that day with a smile so wide that it said it all.