Science Day 3 Writeup

Science Days in Mirra have  about the elements of nature so that our children continue to bond with nature and learn to appreciate and conserve it. The first two science days focussed on soil and air and the third one held on Feb 6th 2018 had Water as its theme.

Everyone loves playing with water. This science day combined play with the concepts of solubility,  density and viscosity. The home experiments began a week before science day where children did experiments on states of water and also sedimentation, decantation and filtration.

Children made videos using Movie Maker, scratch software and Power Point presentation to explain sources of water, water cycle, water purification and distribution. The children were grouped in teams of three or four. They went to different stations and experimented with float and sink, density of fresh and salt water, density of liquids, solubility, miscibility and viscosity. Expansion of water beads , making a bubble bed, change in viscosity of corn flour with water were fun activities to promote both science and sensory play.

The day concluded with a pledge taken by the children to conserve water, not to pollute water and to participate in lake cleaning activities. The children continue the exploration of these concepts at home.