People Behind Mirra

Mallika Ganapathy

Mallika brings with her 25 years of experience in the field of general and special education. Her love and passion for children and how they learn led her to enquire and explore various philosophies and pedagogies in education. She has done many projects with various schools – rural and urban. All her experiences with children and learning has led her to believe strongly that inclusion is not only possible but also the most stimulating and enriching environment for all children. She works intensively with schools to make inclusion successful. Her work in MIRRA begins from assessing the child, empowering him and his parents and providing constant support to make inclusion a reality. At MIRRA learning never stops as she constantly motivates the staff to review their work, rethink strategies and update themselves.

What drew me to this profession?

...It was by sheer chance that I stumbled on to this profession, but the journey since has been that much more joyous, fulfilling and enlightening.  

What do I get from this profession?

Everyday I spend around children and all the special people who work in this field make me feel deep gratitude... Most importantly after having been in the field for 25 yrs, I am convinced of this much - whatever the depth of change, growth, fulfillment, or inclusion we bring in the lives of children and parents ...that is how deep those very things penetrate and happen within us...and I think this much is reason enough to be in any profession.

Lakshmi Satish

A student of English literature, Lakshmi Satish was always inclined towards teaching children, this prompted her to become a trained teacher. Soon this paved the way for her to become a special educator and work in an inclusive school in Chennai. Having seen what effective inclusion could do to children with needs, the urge to reach out to a larger section of children and schools resulted in MIRRA.

What drew me to this profession?

I am passionate about teaching. It is an opportunity to spend lots of time with many children, be part of their experiences, understand how they learn, to try and make a difference in their lives and be a small part in their success.

I am convinced that all children can and need to learn. An almost manic desire to see all children learn together, an urge to bring changes to the existing practices of teaching and including children with special needs and a desire to work with the children to help facilitate their living in a mainstream world is what drew me to special education.

What do I get from this profession?

I get immense joy and satisfaction. I learn lessons in humility and patience. I feel an ever- increasing sense of responsibility about the place our children will hold in mainstream society (as children and later as adults). I feel a strong conviction about the mission in my life.

C.A. Satish

Satish has more than 20 years of experience in corporate sector. Teaching and being with children has always been his passion. Realizing the importance of thinking and communication skills in the life of children led him to come up with a comprehensive and creative intervention program. Making this a reality for children with special needs gave rise to MIRRA.

What drew me to this profession?

. . . perhaps destiny or inner guidance.
. . .also the urge to raise the level of intervention program and the strong belief that there is a place here for everyone.

What do I get from this profession?

“I get an opportunity to work with them as they discover and realize their destinies, which is special."

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